A Few Words From My Clients

"As compassionate as she is keenly insightful, Jane created a safe space where I could examine my fears and replace them with conscious choices. The most importantly that has come to the forefront in my work with Jane is myself. Thank you, Jane!"
— Leah, Teacher & Writer

"Jane is such a joy. She speaks of love and comes from love. She is understanding, fun, and genuine in her approach to relationships. I now see the possibilities of love and romance in my future.
— Mai, Creative Consultant

"Jane and I began working together a few months ago. My intention was to get comfortable with beginning to date again. Jane's action-oriented attitude helped me realize that it was time to stop thinking and start getting on the court. Without Jane's help, I would've been home making excuses for why my dating life wasn't working. It was through her support and coaching that I was able to work through my own inhibitions and take action to begin dating again."
— IE.A.M, Marketing Consultant

"I was like a lion that had a thorn in his paw... and Jane pulled it out! She helped me uncover my negative thinking about relationships and discover the confidence and inspiration I needed to start dating again. I met a wonderful woman and we were married last October."
— Bill, Interactive Creative Director

"When you're on a coaching call with Jane, you encounter an extraordinary combination of love and intellect. Her caring is inspiring,her guidance is gentle... and through that guidance I have created an extraordinary team of associates to move my business forward."
— Craig, Entrepreneur

"Jane has supported me in cutting through my nonsense and getting back to what I really want. Thank you for being my coach and for the other fortunate people who have the privilege of knowing you"
— Paul, Veterinarian

"I was continually upset. Family is extremely important to me and for a number of years my mother and wife have not been speaking to each other. It got worse when my wife was expecting our child and I so much wanted my mother to be with us. During my coaching sessions with Jane I discovered that I was not asking for what I wanted. As soon as I did — what a miracle — my mother showed up just in time for the birth."
— John, Contractor