"More than anything else, I believe it's our choices, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny."

— Tony Robbins, Author, Speaker, Success Coach

I hold a Certificate in Personal & Life Coaching from New York University, and have received additional training in group coaching at Columbia University. I also am a lifelong student of various approaches to personal and spiritual growth.

Believing it’s never too late for anything, I achieved the following after age 50:

  • I bought my first home!
  • I quit smoking (after 40 years of puffing away)!
  • I put myself on my first diet and lost 12 lbs!
  • I went back to school to be trained and certified as a coach!

And, drum roll please,

  • After many years of disastrous relationships I got married for the first time! (Sixth anniversary this year).

I have led a diverse life, having spent time in the corporate world as well as the world of major motion pictures. I have worked successfully with CEOs and film directors, theater owners and IT experts – all the while honing my relationship skills. I discovered that this was a core strength and realized that many people came to me for help in relating to others. In 2006, I switched careers to become a professional coach. With my training from NYU and Columbia, and my passion for people having meaningful and successful relationships, I am well equipped to support others.

Born and raised in England, I served as Facilities Manager for Independent Television News in London. Here in the U.S., I was a member of the production team for Spike Lee's first (unfinished) film, The Messenger, and for Francis Ford Coppola's The Cotton Club. Later I was hired as an Exhibitor Service Representative for Paramount Pictures working on such movies as Godfather III, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, Forrest Gump, and with the Loews, AMC, United Artists, and General Cinema theater chains. More recently, as a Manager at Stark Marketing & Communications, I supervised personnel and operations.

Furthering my belief that humor and play is essential in relationships, I perform improvisational comedy in New York City at the Peoples Improv Theater.